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New Bern Outdoors

Lawson Creek Park

New Bern is a retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers as there are countless outdoor activities to enjoy!

From biking, bird watching, boating, camping, fishing, golfing, hiking, hunting, paddling, running, to observing wildlife, and more…we have it all!

Nestled between the Neuse and Trent Rivers, New Bern is a haven for boaters, fishermen, and watersports fanatics! From large Marinas to off the path boat ramps, you’ll find them here!

Fishing is plentiful! Some of the water is brackish so you can catch both salt water and fresh water fish, but you may need both licenses, so check the fishing regulations.

Go Scuba Diving with Divin’ Dawgs, 801 Cardinal Dr., (638-3432)

Prefer paddling? Contact Sound Rivers (637-7972) for paddle trail maps and details about boating and fishing on our rivers.

The Croatan National Forest is a “Nature Lover’s Paradise” and it’s in our backyard! Discover carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap, pitcher plant, sundew, along with other exotic plants. The Croatan spans approximately 160,000 acres. It’s home to black bear, deer, wild turkey, quail, coyotes, bald eagles, beaver, bobcats, porcupine, alligator, and other wildlife species. Visit the Ranger’s Station on Hwy 70 E (638-5628).

Check out the Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park off Broad Creek Rd.

Hunting/Fishing License Information (888-248-6834)

Drive-Thru Free Tree Event

By WSCard | October 30, 2020
Free Trees

Saturday, November 7 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Lawson Creek Park, 1309 Country Club Road in New Bern New Bern Parks and Recreation is a proud partner of the Arbor Day Foundation. The drive-thru FREE TREE EVENT is made possible by partnership with Arbor Day Foundation and International Paper. To register, visit our parks & recreation page online at NewBernNC.gov. Advance registration is recommended. Trees will be given away in 5-gallon containers. Information will be provided on proper planting, pruning and general tree care. 11 different species of trees will be available to choose from. Limit one tree […]

Alfred Cunningham Bridge in Downtown New Bern Changing Schedule

By WSCard | September 28, 2020
Alfred Cunningham Bridge

City of New Bern worked with NCDOT & the U.S. Coast Guard to amend schedule after complaints Effective Friday, October 16th, the Alfred Cunningham Memorial Bridge in downtown New Bern will operate on a new schedule. It was added as § 117.843 in the federal registry last week. The new schedule will be as follows: (a) The draw of the U.S. 70 Bridge, mile 0.0, at New Bern: (1) Shall open on the hour and the half hour from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., except during the times authorized in accordance with (a) (2) of this section. (2) Shall remain closed from […]

Alzheimer’s Association Invites New Bern Residents to Join 2020 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

By WSCard | September 22, 2020
Walk to End Alzheimer's

Participants will Continue to Walk as Individuals, Families or Small Teams on Sidewalks, Tracks and Trails across Craven County in Wake of COVID-19 The Alzheimer’s Association – Eastern North Carolina Chapter is inviting New Bern residents to join the fight to end Alzheimer’s by participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® on Sunday, October 25. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s – New Bern continues, but instead of hosting a large gathering, the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging participants to walk as individuals or in small groups on sidewalks, tracks and trails across Craven County. “This year’s Walk to End […]

Fall Heritage Plant Sale

By WSCard | September 22, 2020
Fall Heritage Plant Sale

Garden Lovers’ Weekend at Tryon Palace Want to take home some of that fall blooming splendor? The Fall Heritage Plant Sale will be held Friday and Saturday, Oct. 9-10, on the Daves House Lawn just inside the Palace main gate. This annual plant sale offers a selection of plants grown locally and in the Palace’s nursery yard, as well as a wide variety of perennials, herbs and other fall favorites. The Fall Heritage Plant Sale will be open Friday and Saturday, Oct. 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Supplies are limited so come early for the best selection. By […]

Neuse River/Flanner’s Beach Campground – Great Place to Relax

By WSCard | August 31, 2020
Flanner's Beach Campground

Getting back to nature can help as a much-needed distraction during these crazy times as long as we camp responsibly when it comes to combating the virus. The campsites at Neuse River/Flanner’s Beach (NR/FB) are nestled among pines and hardwoods and are well-spaced between other campers. Camping is a chance for you to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Why watch someone else’s experiences online when you can have your own? They don’t compare! The campground also has walking and biking trails. If you open your mind, it may help you engage with your senses. Somehow cooking over the campfire […]

Things to Do in New Bern: The Great Outdoors

By WSCard | August 21, 2020
Island Creek Trail

Although the virus is spreading in our community, it’s important to get outside! The most important reasons: – Getting outside can open your mind to the natural world. Smell the flowers, enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Reset your mind by unplugging from technology. – Our body needs vitamin D for bone health and the best way to get it is from moderate levels of sunlight on our skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ”It doesn’t take much sun exposure for the body to produce vitamin D. Even committed proponents of unprotected sun exposure recommend no more than […]

Virtual Field Trip to Island Creek Forest Walk

By WSCard | July 27, 2020
Don Ostler, Carol Ostler and Michael Schachter

Here’s your chance to explore the Island Creek Trail! The Carolina Nature Coalition (CNC) takes you on a virtual field trip to Island Creek Forest Walk in the Croatan National Forest (CNF). Don Ostler narrated the episode and Carol Ostler and Michael Schachter highlighted areas of the creek and forest. Don emphasized the importance of the Island Creek area. “It is ecologically significant as it contains coastal mixed hardwoods and conifers; basic streamline habitat along with rare plants, diversity of birds; and the largest outcropping of marl in Eastern NC. Marl is a combination of fossilized shells and limestone which […]

The Zucchini Experiment: Planting in Small Spaces

By WSCard | July 22, 2020
The Zucchini Experiment

I’ve always wanted to plant squash, but I thought I needed a lot of space for it to grow. That was until a few weeks ago when I saw videos on how to plant vertically (similar to a tomato plant). I planted zucchini in an old recycle bin. Then collected fallen branches on the side of the road and repurposed them into a makeshift trellis. The first picture was taken a week ago and now, I’m adding more branches. It seems to be working! The flowers are blooming and I’m using soft twine to guide the stems up the trellis. […]

Living in New Bern Now and Beyond – Episode 148

By WSCard | July 21, 2020
New Bern Now Podsquad - Episode 148

The Podsquad is connecting you with the community by talking about the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC, and surrounding areas! The Podsquad: Talina Massey (Business Savvy), Kathy Morrison (New Bern Historical Society), Colleen Roberts (City of New Bern) and I talked about all kinds of things related living in the greater New Bern area and beyond. Listen to the audio version here: Show notes: Look at minutes: 1:18 – Catching up with The Podquad 1:50 – Juneteenth Exhibit at the Bank of the Arts 2:13 – Young Urban Professionals of ENC (YUP) Book Series 2:27 – Optimal Performance […]

Gardening to Attract Pollinators

By WSCard | June 9, 2020
Gardening for Pollinators

When the coronavirus came into the picture and the stay at home order was issued; I decided to give gardening another try. I wanted to attract butterflies, so I started researching what flowers to plant. Knowing butterflies are pollinators and their population is declining, I learned more them than I expected to. When I think about pollinators; bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds come to mind. I didn’t think about the bats, beetles, flies, other birds and insects, and small mammals that are responsible for pollinating plants. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden states, “They are responsible […]