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New Bern Now is owned and operated by NC Life Media, LLC. We are a multimedia company offering numerous opportunities to help you promote your business:, Discover New Bern and Beyond a popular weekly Talk Show (live video/podcast/local radio), Magazine, Daily e-Newsletter, Social Media platforms.

Our goal is to connect you with the people, places, and latest happening in the greater New Bern area and surrounding towns. We do what we do for the betterment of community.

New Bern is the region’s premier destination for arts, history, outdoor recreation, dining, shopping, and living. As the “One-Stop Information Source,” readers turn to us for an insider’s look at the people, places, and events throughout the Greater New Bern area.

Our 2022 Media Marketing Kit should be available within the next few weeks or so.

Contact us to today so we can determine which of our multimedia platforms can help you reach your ideal client/customer. Send us an email or call 252-259-6953.

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