New Bern Now Editorial Policies

Fairness and Accuracy

All news coverage should be honest and factual and all subjects of news coverage should be treated fairly. We will make every effort to confirm information from multiple sources before publishing and in the event of an error, we will promptly correct our reporting to the best of our abilities.


We welcome your feedback on our work, including constructive criticism. If you believe we published something inaccurate, we want to know so that we can investigate and make corrections. We encourage readers to point out anything they think may not be accurate in our reporting by contacting or calling Wendy Card at 252-259-6853.

Ethics and Conflicts

We ask our contributors to disclose to the editor any personal or business relationships, as well as ongoing legal or political matters that could call into question their objectivity. When appropriate, articles on New Bern Now will include an editor’s note disclosing this background.

Ownership & Funding

New Bern Now was started by Wendy Card in 2009. This website is owned by NC Life Media, LLC and is funded through advertising and subscriptions.