Let Me Introduce Myself

Many of New Bern Now’s viewers ask me why I don’t have a photo of myself or share more personal information about myself on the blog. The first thing that comes to mind is I’m not vain. I’m not saying that everyone […]

City of New Bern Runoff Election

It looks like New Bern residents will be at the voting both again, this time for runoff voting. It was unclear to me exactly what this voting method was because I’ve never encountered the situation. For those who aren’t familiar with the […]

City of New Bern Election Results

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the City of New Bern Elections for Mayor and Alderman, although there is the question of run-off elections pending. The best of luck for those effected by the run-off elections. Mayor Bayliss 49% – […]

50 Million Fish Kill on the Neuse River

After meeting with Larry Baldwin, Lower Neuse RIVERKEEPER, and Brian Westcott, Program Coordinator, I learned a great deal about how the greater New Bern community can help these hardworking men improve our Neuse River. Word of the recent 50 million fish kill […]

Executive Director of the Coastal Environmental Partnership named to Board of Directors of NC SWANA

Allen M. Hardison, Executive Director of the Coastal Environmental Partnership, has been named to the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Chapter of SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America). SWANA is a non-profit, international educational organization serving individuals and communities […]
Sabrina Bengel for Mayor

Sabrina Bengel for First Ward Alderman

My record in this community demonstrates my ability to serve in a leadership position with a proactive style of getting the job done. I will support and continue working to make New Bern a better place to live and work. As your […]
Lee Bettis

Lee Bettis for Mayor of New Bern

Lee Bettis, New Bern Mayoral candidate believes the role of the Mayor to be simply stated – Leadership. When asked his vision of New Bern, he stated “a city with a vibrant self-sustaining economy, a responsive and respected government and an involved […]