New Bern Now’s Blog and Website Update

>Since the inception of New Bern Now’s (NBN) website at the end of May 2009, it has had a major influx of visitors ranging from local residents wanting to spread their word about upcoming events; new business openings; and visitors searching for information about New Bern, NC.

In June 2009, NBN averaged a small number (220) of monthly viewers, seven months later, it has grown to 5,000 monthly visitors (including our blog) ending January 31, 2010.

In a City with a population of less than 30,000, I believe that is a big step! NBN credits the increased web presence because of the “Faithful New Bern Residents” for spreading the word, NBN being a FREE website, and the “grassroots” marketing effort.

The reason NBN has received this many viewers is because of readers like you who spread the word about NBN. As the saying goes, “You build it and they will come” rings true with NBN’s website and blog.

NBN’s Blog was also developed for outreach purposes. It provides detailed information about community events and/or announces new services and products for residents and visitors to the Greater New Bern Area. Local churches, civic clubs, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and individuals are encouraged to share information about our local community.

NBN also created a “Spotlight on local businesses” (at no charge) to help local business owners inform residents and visitors about their products and services during this difficult economic period.

Consider the “Spotlight on local businesses” as a “mystery shopper/patient” concept where the spotlight can shine on your business. Some business owners request this service or are referred by their clients, but others have no idea that NBN will walk in the door and ask if they would like to conduct a mini-interview to discuss their products and services and allow NBN to take a couple of pictures for the Blog. If businesses refuse the spotlight, NBN will not mention it on the blog. The mission of the blog is to promote, not demote.

Thank you residents and visitors for the warm welcome! The goal of NBN’s Website and NBN’s Blog was for readers to take ownership of their community by submitting announcements to the “Community Blog” and I can proudly say that the objective has been met two-fold!

Thank you, readers, for making “blogging” easier for me. I remember a couple of months ago when I stayed up half the night trying to find an interesting topic to write about, but with your help, you have taken “Ownership” of the “Community Blog”. Thanks again for sending important information to NBN!

Wendy Card