Gregory Poole Scholarship Funds to Support Diesel Technology Program at Craven CC

CCC Scholarship Donation

Craven Community College (Craven CC) recently received a $1,000 scholarship donation from Gregory Poole Equipment Company of Raleigh. The funds will be used to support students in the college’s Diesel Technology program.

“Our ongoing partnership with Gregory Poole has enabled many of our community members to learn the tricks of the diesel technology trade while getting hands-on practice with high-quality equipment,” said Volt Center Dean Eddie Foster. “This generous scholarship will provide opportunities for those who may not be able to under normal circumstances.”

The funds will help cover the costs of the course and required materials for students in the college’s Diesel Technology programs, including Diesel Engines and Diesel Systems. The next Diesel Engines class will begin Jan. 3, 2023.

In May, Gregory Poole donated two new diesel engines to the Volt Center. The engines are used as training resources for preventative maintenance for diesel motors and system diagnostics training. Gregory Poole has also donated other diesel engine and truck system parts that are used almost daily in classes at the Volt Center, as well as a diesel-powered generator/light tree for training purposes and to help illuminate the campus for evening classes.

Anyone interested in learning more about this opportunity is encouraged to call 252-633-0857, stop by the Volt Center, or ask about the scholarship when registering for the upcoming class. Learn more about the college’s Diesel Technology program at

By Holly Desrosier