Volt Toolbelt Trust Covers Registration Costs for Workforce Development Programs

Harold H. Bate Foundation and Craven Community College Foundation
The Harold H. Bate Foundation and Craven CC Foundation have launched the Volt Toolbelt Trust, which covers 100% of registration costs for most classes offered at the Volt Center. Pictured left to right: Si Seymour, Bob Mattocks, Rev. Charles Dudley, Joyce Hendricks, Craven CC Foundation Executive Director Charles Wethington, Don Brinkley, Ashley Martin-Irizzari, Craven CC President Dr. Ray Staats, Craven CC Foundation President Anne Schout, Tyler Harris and Dave Hinson.

Craven Community College (Craven CC) is offering a new program called the Volt Toolbelt Trust in an effort to ensure all citizens of Craven County have an opportunity to pursue a career in the trades.

The Volt Toolbelt Trust will cover 100% of the registration costs for a credentialed workforce development program of 56 hours or more that is offered at the Volt Center location and leads to a certificate or licensure through Craven CC. It will provide opportunities in the community for a debt-free education, job-ready training, career counseling, resiliency and disaster preparedness, and connections with local employers.

The following programs are covered by the Volt Toolbelt Trust and are held at the college’s Volt Center campus:

  • NCCER Construction/Carpentry Levels 1 through 4
  • NCCER HVAC Levels 1 through 4
  • NCCER Electrical Levels 1 through 4
  • NCCER Masonry Levels 1 through 4
  • NCCER Plumbing Levels 1 through 4
  • NCCER Welding Levels 1 through 3 (includes Havelock campus)
  • Diesel Mechanic (Diesel Engines and Systems)
  • Diesel Generator Service and Repair
  • Marine Engine Repair
  • 56-Hour Forklift
  • Environmental and Safety Diploma Program/NCCER Worksite Safety
  • Housekeeping/Commercial Cleaning
  • Solar/Photovoltaic Technician
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Fundamentals of Pro Cooking
  • Introduction to Hospitality Careers

The Volt Toolbelt Trust is made possible by grants from the Harold H. Bate Foundation and the Craven CC Foundation. It is subject to funding availability and classroom capacity. Funding does not include costs associated with books and other course materials.

Craven Community College VOLT Center in New Bern NC
Craven CC’s new Volt Toolbelt Trust program will cover registration costs for many programs on the Volt Center campus, including NCCER Electrical Levels 1-4.

For more information call 252-633-0857 or visit CravenCC.edu/Toolbelt.

By Craig Ramey, Director of Communications