Last Call for Educators and Partners for New Bern’s 4th Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate New Bern Earth Day 2022

“Invest In Our Planet”

We’re happy to announce that we’re teaming up with New Bern Parks & Recreation to host New Bern’s 4th Earth Day Celebration at Union Point Park on April 23, 2022, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.!

This year Earth Day is on April 22, 2022, but we decided to hold the event on Saturday, April 23 so more people can participate in the celebration. Time and place to be determined.

Are you an eco-friendly business owner, nonprofit organization, or individual? We would love to team up with you for this special community event.

When I say eco-friendly, I mean anyone who is making conscious efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and lead by example. There are countless ways to do this. Practice the five R’s of Sustainability: Rethink, Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. There are so many that we can challenge ourselves to combat climate change. It’s up to all of us.

We want to hear your ideas and come together for a fun-filled day of learning for the betterment of our community.

Do you want to participate? Please email or call 252-259-6853.

For Earth Day last year, the Podsquad was joined by leaders from across the state to talk about preservation, conservation, and sustainable living, for this first-ever, three-hour show. We learned about all kinds of topics from invasive plant species and insects, conservation efforts to protect wetlands, forests and our rivers, solid waste management, recycling, reusing, green burials, and more.

Co-hosts Jane Maulucci, Kathy Morrison, and Wendy Card were joined by Dr. Tom Glasgow, Michael Schachter, Rachel Bisesi, Anna Meadows, Barbara Smith, Bobbi Waters, Derek Haynes, Anne Weston, Carol Ostler, Dr. John Hatcher, and Katy Langley Hunt.


Part 1

 Part 2

Show notes for:

Part 1:

00:10 – Earth Day 2021 – ‘Restore Our Earth™

5:37 – Dr. Tom Glasgow, Director, NC State Cooperative Extension – Craven County

27:45 – Michael Schachter, President, Carolina Nature Coalition

40:30 – Sierra Club – Croatan Group

47:30 – Seed to Shaker

52:15 – Living Well Down East

52:35 – Hanna House Bed & Breakfast beehives and car charging station

54:00 – Become a Citizen Scientist

Part 2:

00:14 – Rachel Bisesi, North Carolina Coastal Federation

1:49 – Removal of abandoned vessels and marine debris

3:36 – Smart Yards publication

6:27 – Coastal Review Online

6:50 – Distance Learning Lab for Students

9:50 – Anna Meadows, Co-Chair, North Carolina Native Plant Society – Central Coastal Plain Chapter and Barbara Smith (also a Craven Master Gardener)

11:40 – Native plant cultivation

17:10 – Choosing the right plants for your home

19:34 – Purchasing plants from local nurseries vs. big box stores

21:00 – Invasive plants

26:34 – Planting to support our food chain

29:01 – Planting trees

31:55 – Bobbi Waters, Solid Waste Planner/Outreach Coordinator, Coastal Environmental Partnership

33:20 – Tuscarora Landfill (take in 750 tons of trash a day)

34:00 – Highest Point in Craven County (125 feet)

36:30 – Converting Waste to Energy

37:54 – Coastal Grow Compost ($10 a ton or less than a penny a pound)

40:34 – Household Hazardous Waste Events

41:12 – Electronic Waste

42:22 – Derek Haynes, The Crazy Botanist

43:46 – Repotting beebalm

44:00 – Beebalm tea

46:15 – The Plantdemic

47:20 – Why Botany?

48:20 – Scientific Communicator

48:40 – Potting mix

50:41 – Venus flytraps

53:16 – Birdy baby momma on patio

56:30 – Kathy Morrison joins as co-host

58:28 – Anne Weston, Founder, Green Burial Project

59:49 – Green burial: No embalming, no vault, use a biodegradable coffin or shroud

1:00:15 – Benefits of green burials

1:01:45 – Environmental costs of green burials

1:02:35 – How to reduce environmental costs

1:03:01 – NC laws related to funerals and burials: What are your choices

1:06:02 – Cremations

1:08:15 – Green burial costs

1:09:13 – Burial grounds

1:13:54 – You can be buried on your own land

1:17:46 – Carol Ostler, Communications Director for the Carolina Nature Coalition

1:19:52 – Imagine yourself…demonstration about plastics

1:32:00 – Dr. John Hatcher, Executive Director, North Carolina Forestry Association

1:36:10 – Educational Programs

1:38:10 – Earth Day 2021 – ‘Restore Our Earth™

1:39:40 – Katy Langley Hunt, Lower Neuse Riverkeeper, Sound Rivers, Inc.

1:43:09 – Nutrient pollution in our rivers

1:44:20 – Neuse river problems

1:49:28 – Riverkeepers need volunteers

1:51:00 – April Match for Donations

1:51:48 – Neuse fish and crab consumption

1:53:40 – Microplastics river studies

1:56:02 – Alligators?

Do you want to participate or have questions? Send us an email.

Wendy Card