Living in New Bern Now Podcast – Episode 144

June 4, 2020 – We’re connecting you with the community by talking about the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC and surrounding areas!

The Podsquad: Randy Foster (New Bern Post), Peggy Barnes, Colleen Roberts (City of New Bern) and I talked about all kinds of things related living in the greater New Bern area.

Listen to the audio version here:

1:01 – New Bern Post

1:32 – Lifetime Events

2:34 – Craven County PIE Spring Luncheon

4:15 – How to Move Forward and Heal

6:08 – Conversations and Understanding

7:40 – Listen to Each Other

9:18 – Respect and Recognize Human Rights

10:21 – Acceptance

12:53 – Peaceful Protests and Supportive Police Officers in New Bern

15:37 – City Drone Filming

17:12 – Cow Pen Landing

17:53 – Martin Marietta Park

23:49 – New Bern Post and New Bern Now Collaboration

26:32 – Local Coverage of COVID-19

31:30 – New Bern Citizen Media

33:30 – Coping with your Emotional Well Being

34:59 – Community Peace and Unity Weekend

36:25 – Blueberry Season

37:36 – High School and College Graduates

41:32 – New Bern Web Design

42:40 – Drive in Movie Night

43:35 – Plantation Square Palooza

44:10 – New Bern Music Calendar

44:35 – Artwalk

45:15 – New Bern Street Cafés

49:30 – Trash Alley

51:21 – Camping in Eastern North Carolina

55:00 – Catching up with the Podsquad

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Wendy Card