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Challenging Economic Market Webinar

Financial Advisor Elizabeth Hartman

Outlook and Opportunities: The Investment Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

Instructor: Elizabeth Hartman, Financial Advisor/Edward Jones

Like a jigsaw puzzle, economic conditions, corporate performance, the international backdrop and your investment decisions fit together to form a larger picture. But it can be hard to see a pattern among the various pieces of our investment outlook.

We’ll look at these key questions facing investors today:

– Will there be a recession this year

– Will interest rates go lower or even negative?

– How long will the market slump last?

– Will global markets keep underperforming?

– What are the risks to our outlook?

– What common mistakes can I avoid?

How can I put all the pieces together?

– You will need a device that has internet access: a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop that has a speaker & camera (optional)

– No experience required

– Register online only. When you get to the field that says, “Search Keyword”, type in Market and hit Submit. Contact the coordinator if you have issues.

– Register & RSVP to Liz Hartman 252-637-4871 no later than Tuesday, April 21st to receive your call-in code & participant number.

– Spaces are limited, so please respond soon.

Submitted by: Megan Johnson, Adult Enrichment Program, Craven Community College