Create your own Parad-ICE with Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice

Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice
Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice – Owners, Jonathan and Heather English with their children

Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice was set up in our neighborhood today. Wanting to know more, I asked owners Jonathan and Heather English about their new, mobile business.

Heather said, “We did small events within the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas and Southern Oklahoma region for a year and a half and then we moved here so this is our first year running the business in New Bern”.

Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice is a family business as they have six children, all seven years old and younger.

If you have not had shaved ice, Heather described it as, “powder fine, very smooth, and melts in your mouth. We have your typical tropical and standard flavors like banana, grape, Bahama Mama, and 30 other flavors.”

We talked about taking precautions during the pandemic and she said, “We sanitize after every transaction and we have a hand washing station, so everything is clean. Right now, we are coming to neighborhoods, so you never have to leave your street. We set up and we are here for as long as people want us to stay. It is a safer environment for kids to enjoy the warm weather while self-isolating and social distancing. We will come to your neighborhood, just call or text us at 910-409-5636”.

Check out Coastal Craze Hawaiian Shave Ice online to find out more.

Wendy Card