Kindness Cownts Program Making a Difference at The Cow Café

Mildred and Jim Green - Cow Cafe
Mildred and Jim Green – owners of the Cow Cafe

The Cow Café is a happy place to eat, play, and shop…for all ages; especially kids!

Owners, Mildred and Jim Green, opened the Cow Café inside Maola Milk’s Corporate Headquarters in 1994 to showcase Maola’s operations.

In 2004, they moved to 319 Middle Street and expanded their menu; started making ice cream and flavored popcorn; created a playroom for kids; and designed a Bovine Boutique!

It’s a popular attraction and gathering place for visitors and residents alike!

From the outside looking in, the cow theme catches your eye! It looks like a place that you want to venture into! It’s bustling with people coming and going or just enjoying a meal outside the storefront.

Their food is delicious! Choose from the extensive “Gourmoo” lunch and dinner menu with unique and theme named sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and other items at affordable prices! They also offer specialty coffee, tea, and assorted drinks!

The Cow Café is renowned for the best homemade ice cream in New Bern and beyond! Enjoy an ice cream float, smoothie, cone, cup, sundae, or top your pie off with a scoop of your favorite flavor! You can even watch them make ice cream through their viewing window!

Popcorn lovers will enjoy the “Gourmoo” popcorn center with a large variety of flavors! Browse the Bovine Boutique that features hundreds of fun and interesting cow gifts.

Bovine Boutique
Bovine Boutique

Personally, there’s something special about watching train traveling around this wonderful shop!

Cow Cafe Train
Cow Cafe Train

While you’re waiting for your order, check out the barnyard themed play area! It’s a local favorite for children to play with toys and each other. It also gives parents the opportunity to meet new people. As we walked into the playroom, Mildred smiled and said, “I remember a mom coming in with her son. They were passing through town. Pointing at her son, the mother said, ‘He remembers coming to New Bern years ago and he was on the rocking horse. Can we get a picture of him on it?’” Laughing, she said, “He was six feet tall and we took the picture! People are making great memories with their parents, children, friends…”

Cow Cafe Barnyard
Cow Cafe Barnyard

Why does the Cow Café attract children and families? I believe it has a lot to do with Mooford the Cow (hand puppet) and Mrs. Moo! Mildred is Mrs. Moo and she said, “Mooford was named after my dad, Milford. He has been with me for 21 years and he’s still making kids happy today!”

Mrs Moo and Mooford the Cow
Mrs Moo and Mooford the Cow

In 2016, The Cow Café started their Kindness Cownts Program. Every month, Mrs. Moo visits A. H. Bangert Elementary School to recognize kids who have shown outstanding examples of being kind. They get a certificate of kindness from Mooford, a free ice cream, and their picture/summary of their acts of kindness on the Kindness Cownts Wall!

This is a wonderful example of how we can all make a difference. Their Kindness Cownts Program encourages children along with people who read the stories! Mildred and Jim are setting an outstanding example for others to exemplify!

Mildred said, “After hurricane Florence, we opened the program to the public. The wall was filled with stories of all kindness distinctions to people who were going through troubles. Parents sent pictures of their children, neighbors cleaning up yards, people volunteering at the animal shelter, and others. It was really inspiring”.

Kindness Cownts Wall
Kindness Cownts Wall

Ben D. Quinn Elementary School joined the program in October; and Brinson Memorial Elementary and Creekside Elementary will start in November 2019.

More awesome news!

Did you know? The Cow Café’s efforts lead to the Ganz Company creating the “Kindness Cownts” charm! Mildred excitedly said, “Mooford was made by Ganz. When the Ganz representative visited the Cow Café and heard about their Kindness Cownts Program, they reported it to the Ganz Corporate Headquarters. They recognized the Cow Café and Mooford the Cow with a charm. It’s the number two selling charm Internationally in honor of our program” and we were recognized in the Ganz International Newsletter”.

The wall displaying the Kindness Cownts Program attracts people of all ages. Children may recognize and proudly point out their classmate/friend and say, “I know them!” Or encourage them to be on the wall.

What amazes Mildred is when she sees both children and adults reading the stories. Mildred modestly said, “It’s an attraction and maybe it’s making a difference. I hope this program helps inspire others”.

Small acts of kindness add up and the Cow Café is setting an example for others to follow!

Here’s only a sampling of students who were recently featured on the Kindness Cownts Wall:

– “Autumn has been a leader in our class! She helps out her tablemates getting out the right supplies or with directions on work. She is a kind helper without doing their work for them. Autumn also is a good friend to all and shows respect to all others in her class”. – Mrs. Romanelli’s Class

– “Kalli is new to AHB and has made a great transition. She is a model student in working hard and following all PBIS rules and procedures. Great job Kalli!” – Mrs. Griffin’s Class

– “Katelyn is a friend to all. She is quick to lend a helping hand or share a smile. Kate goes out of her way to include others and make everyone feel welcome. She is a role model to her classmates!” – Ms. Saunder’s Class

– “Maya Henshaw was chosen to receive the Kindness Cownts award by her peers. Maya is kind and friendly to everyone. She has a positive attitude toward her peers. She always set the right example for others to follow. She completes her tasks with a smile. Congratulations Maya we are so proud of you!” – Mrs. Bennett’s Class

– Ludvig is quick to lend any classmate a helping hand. He has a generous and kind heart!” – Mrs. Beebe’s Class

– “Kayden is a friend to everyone. He is very helpful to his teacher and works very hard on his classwork. Way to go Kayden!” – Mrs. Phillip’s Class

– “Daleyza is a very sweet student that works well with others. She listens and follows directions and is always willing to help a classmate.” – Mrs. Cooper’s Class

– “Jade is a friend to everyone and always helps those in need.” – Mrs. Strawbridge’s Class

– “Elizabeth treats her classmate with respect and always has a kinid word of encouragement for them. She is willing to help her classmates and teacher with a willing heart. Way to go Elizabeth! Keep spreading kindess like confetti” – Mrs. Doutt’s Class

– “Marc is getting used to Kindergarten just like everybody else in his classroom. Marc is always listening to what is going on around him and sees what needs to be done for his friends. He is an eager helper for his friends and his teachers.” – Mrs. Rudd’s Class

– “Penelope has the most outgoing personality and takes pride in assisting her classmate. She will jump right in, without being prompted, to help another student (or adult) when she sees a need arise. She is a kindhearted, young lady and her positive vibes bounce to all those around her.” – Mrs. Wilkinson’s Class

– “Khaleeq is a friend to all his classmates. He is kind and helpful. His smile brightens our classroom!” – Mrs. Barnes’s Class

– “Ja’Dyn Brown is always using his manner when speaking to adults. He has also shown kindness by lending a hand when it is needed. He explains to other students how to complete the job of “breakfast duty” and he has offered to help Mr. Kenny clean up after lunch” – Mrs. Swenson’s Class

– “Charlie is a kind friend to everyone. She models kindness to all of her friends and consistently shows kindness and compassion through her actions, words and smiles.” – Mrs. Robson’s Class

– “Robert is always polite to others. He lends a helping hand and wants everyone to feel included” – Mrs. Benton’s Class

– “Emelia is kind to everyone. She is an excellent listener and gets along well with everyone”. – Mrs. York’s Class

– “Chelsea always jumps to help others in need. She works hard on her school work and her homework and is a good classmate. She can be found holding the door for others, playing with friends on the playground and genuinely being the best person she can in our classroom.” – Mrs. Blair’s Class

– “Taylor comes in early each morning so that she can begin her Safety Patrol duty on time. She helps her teacher and peers whenever possible and does so with a smile. We are lucky to have her in our class!” – Mrs. Garrett’s Class

– “Xavier always has a mile on his face and an encouraging word for his classmates. He is a great role model!” – Mrs. Cromer’s Class

Mildred’s goal is to stop bullying through recognizing children who go out of their way to help others. After reading the stories, I’m hopeful that kindness will be infectious! Hopefully others will be inspired.

Thank you, Mildred, Jim, and your Team for all that you do to make a difference in our community!

Mildred is also a wonderful and positive writer! Stay tuned as we’re looking forward to sharing her good news stories with you!

Visit the Cow Café at 319 Middle Street, call 252-672-9269.

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