Older Adults Living Among Us – Opportunity to Tell Their Stories and Make Their Day

Elderly New Bern

We’re all aging. Please consider helping older adults that are vulnerable in our community.

When I refer to “older adults, elders, or seniors” in this article, I’m not defining a specific age because some 80-year olds can run circles around me. I’m talking about people who have a diminished sense of self-worth due to physical, psychological, and/or sociocultural changes.

A lot of them have made generous contributions to society. Some won’t acknowledge their success because they were raised to be modest. Some may not be able to share their stories because of hearing, speech, or vision impairments, memory loss, or other reasons. What truly matters is that someone acknowledges them. Let them know that someone cares!

Whether they are your next-door neighbor, living in an assisted living facility, or nursing home; please consider visiting with them and getting to know them. You may be pleasantly surprised to meet a new friend, make their day, and/or learn a bit of history!

Especially Children! They are our future and they can learn from our elders.

Did you know there are daycares for children and elderly people? They are known as “Inter-generational Learning Centers” that benefit all generations!

Numerous studies have been conducted that reveal the positive impacts of interactions between the elderly and young children, teenagers, and/or college students.

This is an interesting concept of why some Dutch University Students lived in nursing homes. Learn how these interactions can decrease loneliness and social isolation and enhance the lives of seniors.

These interactions may also leave positive impressions on young minds and prevent them from creating negative stereotypes or misconceptions of the elderly.

With that said, we are putting out a “Call to Action” for residents of the greater New Bern and surrounding areas to share stories of their children interacting with “non-familial inter-generational interactions”.

Please send us photos (with captions and who to credit for taking them) and the story behind the pictures via email.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Please let us know if you have any questions by calling 252-259-6853,

Wendy Card