Call for our Community to Unite to Build Bridges

Community New Bern NCWith so much division and hateful incidents happening throughout our Country, I believe that our Community is better than that.

It’s high time that we get back to the basics and focus on what’s happening in our backyards and wherever you live, I believe we should get to know each other!


Because together, we can learn from each other and help bridge the disparities and divisions within our community. By getting to know each other, you may be able to visualize “walking in someone else’s footsteps” and perhaps change your view of a certain stereotype.


– You can ease into it by getting to know your neighbors as my family did when I was growing up in the 70’s. The kids got together to throw water balloons or run through sprinklers on hot summers day as the adults talked about neighborhood issues. They didn’t talk about politics, but they got to know each other and were always on the lookout if a neighbor needed anything. Back then, my Dad taught me that it was off-limits to talk about what political party you were affiliated with.

– Take the leap and get to know the people who make our community so special. Open our minds and make an effort to visit with people of different religions, social classes, races and ethnicities, ages, etc. The benefits may be more beneficial than you would ever imagine.

– Mentor youth who may need guidance to find their way in life; help people with disabilities, or guide recently separated military veterans into their next chapter in life;

– Visit a local non-profit and consider volunteering. You can volunteer to help during a Habitat home build, attend a different denomination’s church, stop by a senior living facility and talk to residents, enjoy a theatrical performance produced by the youth, help feed the homeless at RCS, meet victims of abuse at Promise Place and/or human trafficking at True Justice International, check out an Interfaith Ministry Refugee event and learn about the conditions immigrants lived in and the process it took before they came here. Or become a tutor with Craven Literacy Council – you may not know it, but according to, more than one million adults living in NC experience reading and writing difficulties. The list continues, but if you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone, I guarantee you will learn from each other and our community will benefit from it!

You can also offer your professional services to help the homeless or the less fortunate obtain employment opportunities.

The opportunities are endless!

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions. Send me an email or give me a call at 252-259-6853.

Wendy Card