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Brinson Insurance Agency and Potash Corp Grant Winner

Brinson Insurance and Potash Corp
Randy St. Clair, PIE board member and principal at West Craven High; Mr. Gatlin; Jon Brinson with Brinson Insurance Agency; and Ervin Patrick, PIE 1st Vice President and Director of Human Resources at Craven County Schools

Partners In Education (PIE) is pleased to partner with the Brinson Insurance Agency and Potash Corp to offer a technology grant of $2,500 to our Craven County Schools principals to create a learning environment rich in technology with the goal of equipping our students with the 21st Century skills necessary for post-secondary education and/or workforce readiness.

The awarding for the 2016-17 Tech Grant went to Curtis Gatlin, Principal at Ben D. Quinn Elementary for his grant, “Oh, the Things We Will Learn!” This grant will serve 35 Special Needs Students. Thank you to Jon Brinson and the Brinson Insurance Agency and PotashCorp for providing the funding for this grant, and to Mr. Gatlin and his staff for providing a technology rich learning environment.

For more information call 252-514-6321 or visit CravenPartners.com.