A Call to Creatives for “A Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina”

Sculptor Otto Florshutz

All creatives, including musicians, sculptors, writers, painters, crafters and more are invited to be included in the upcoming book titled “A Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina”.

The author of the art history book, Ben Alden Watford, is a native of rural eastern North Carolina from Hertford County. Watford has authored seven books and has made pottery for sixty years. Under the auspices of Greater Good Gallery in New Bern, NC, Watford is working with artists, Jon Derby and Lisa Bisbee Lentz to coordinate the contents of the art history book.

Watford explains, “Civilizations are judged, not by their wars, not by their politics or their leaders, but by the art that they produce. It is your privilege to inform the larger community and future generations of what you attempted to accomplish as an artist, who you are as a person, and show all concerned samples of the art that you have produced. As designed, the books will explain who you are as an artist.”

Included with a page reservation, a book workshop will be held on Wed., Feb., 8, 2017 from 4-6pm at Greater Good Gallery, 228 Craven Street, New Bern, NC. During the book workshop, creative people will be on hand to help you with your page.  A writer will help you with your biography profile. A designer will help you layout your page. A photographer will take your portrait and photoshoot your creative work (up to 3 pieces).

There is no fee to be included in the group photoshoot of all creative people to be held at 5:45pm on Wed., Feb., 8, 2017.  The group photo is one in a sequential series which will be published in the art history book.

The deadline to reserve a page in “A Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina” is Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.

Inquire by email or call 252-649-1712.

Visit GreaterGoodGallery.com/History-of-Art-Book.html for more information online.

Lisa Bisbee-Lentz, New Bern Now’s Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Owner, Greater Good Gallery