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Board of Education Spotlight on James W. Smith Elementary School

Teacher Brooke Oleneack
Teacher Brooke Oleneack

Craven County Board of Education and James W. Smith Elementary spotlighted a role model teacher.  The hard work and dedication Mrs. Oleneack displays across all levels of the school is apparent the minute she interacts with students and staff.  She helps set the stage for a positive learning and working environment not only for the students, but also for her peers.  She consistently bases her instructional strategies on the level of the learner and is constantly looking for new and innovative means for reaching expected goals and expectations.  She is student driven by regularly using data to monitor progress and to make adjustments as needed to meet the individual needs of each student.

Mrs. Oleneack develops relationships with her children that extend far beyond that of “just a teacher”.  The students know they are important and that they are cared about as individuals while at the same time understanding and responding to the expectations for learning and working.  This teacher uses these relationships to foster a unique learning community where teacher and students work together to achieve what is important.  Conversations are held with her students about adjustments that are needed to improve the learning process, as well as, celebrating the success of all.  These same leadership qualities are evident throughout her involvement at the school level with other staff and community members that are essential pieces in helping move James W. Smith Elementary School forward.  Whether the staff needs her to help with a research-based strategy or a behavioral intervention strategy, this individual is always willing to lend a helping hand (and heart).  She is the type of individual who models the tenets of a professional educator not only for James W. Smith Elementary School, but also for Craven County Schools and with that they proudly take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on Mrs. Brooke Oleneack as she continues to share her sunshine with the students and staff at James W. Smith Elementary School.

Submitted by: Jennifer Wagner, Craven County Schools