Behind the Scenes Video – New Bern Now and Beyond’s Podcast

Every two weeks, we have a lot of fun recording New Bern Now and Beyond’s Podcast Show. If you haven’t heard it, we promote the Greater New Bern area and happenings up and down the Crystal Coast!

Members of New Bern Now’s Podsquad are Lisa Bisbee-Lentz, Laura Johnson, Rich, Susan Moffat-Thomas, and myself, Wendy Card. Susan will be back with us soon.

Besides recording the Podsquad, we also do phone interviews with local businesses and non-profits to promote their efforts.

The above video is a “Behind the Scenes” look at our laid back and fun-filled episode. Although we have notes, it’s unscripted. We wanted to show you that if we can do audio/video, you can too! We’re very passionate about promoting our community and hope that you’ll join us!

Obviously we haven’t received professional training…we’re just trying to do our best to promote New Bern and Beyond. We welcome your feedback as we’re learning as we go.

Stay tuned for our latest Podcast show that will be published to New Bern and others channels on October 5th. You can even listen here on ITunes.

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Wendy Card