Tickling Your Taste Buds by Pickling – River Bend Community Organic Garden

River Bend Community Organic Garden

You have a bumper crop of peppers!  Cucumbers!  Corn!  Beans! Your friends aren’t answering your calls offering them vegetables. The River Bend Community Organic Garden has the same dilemma but they also have a solution: pickling. Making and canning your own pickles is one of the easiest things you can do with produce and it isn’t limited to cucumbers.

The River Bend Community Organic Garden announces its September workshop: Tickling Your Taste Buds By Pickling to be held on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 6:30 pm at River Bend Town Hall, 45 Shoreline Drive.

Presenters will talk about what to do with all those extra summer vegetables. Participants will learn about dill and sweet cucumber pickles, refrigerator pickles and relishes of all varieties. String beans, peppers, green tomatoes, okra, onions, summer squash can all be turned into relishes or chow-chow. This is the perfect way to enjoy the fruits of the summer garden all year long. These homemade treats also make wonderful gifts. As a bonus, labeling and wrapping ideas will be offered. Samples and recipes will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop. Attendees are asked to reserve your place with an RSVP to DEE SMITH at 634-3192 orhowwwdeeee@embarqmail.com

Submitted by: Connie Casey, River Bend Community Organic Garden