Business Spotlight on CrossFit Burn’s Fitness Community and Gym

We had the chance to learn more about CrossFit Burn owned by Steve Jasset. Steve served in the US Marine Corps; he’s a Firefighter; and somehow finds the time to run CrossFit Burn.

I asked Steve about his goals and he said, “We try to improve your quality of life outside of the gym by putting you thru workouts here”. They run hourly classes six times a day. Their age group ranges from his ten year old son to people in their 50’s. “We try to change the workouts all the time; you hardly ever do the same workout twice”. We use functional movements, things that you do every day – squatting down, lifting things up, and putting things over your head. We take these movements: squat down; lift; and press and put them in constantly varied workouts at your intensity level”.

Steve was proud to share a very moving success story with us. “We’ve been working with somebody for about 7 months. We moved him down here and he was over 440lbs. He had trouble moving on a daily basis. We changed his diet, got him a new job, put him through one hour workouts every single day. There’s no special shake or pill that you can take. He’s put in a lot of hard work and he’s lost over 130lbs and it’s my little Brother”.

Just hearing Steve talk about his Brother really showed how passionate he is about CrossFit Burn. To him, it’s much more than a gym; it’s a “Fitness Community”!

If you haven’t been to CrossFit Burn, walking into the facility, it didn’t smell like a pair of sweaty socks, it’s very clean. Steve contributes the cleanliness and appearance to his team and clients who take pride in cleaning up after themselves to ensure a sanitary workout environment.

They offer free trial classes. If you’re interested in taking advantage of a free class, please call them or send an email to make sure they have enough coaches there to accommodate your needs. All of their classes are instructor led by highly trained people. Their coaching staff has over 30 years of coaching experience.

CrossFit Burn pays it forward as they are civic minded and try to make a difference in the community with some kind of event or fundraiser every month.

Find out more by visiting or their Facebook page, calling 781-727-9390, sending an email, or stopping by 120 Market St. in New Bern.

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Wendy Card