Help Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

History of the Coastal Women’s Shelter – Serving our Community for 30 years

Before attending the Coastal Women’s Shelter’s 30th Anniversary event, I knew that they helped victims of domestic violence and a lot of local residents and businesses supported their efforts. Beyond that, I didn’t know anything about their history or affiliation to Promise Place.

Susan Lucas, Director of the Coastal Women’s Shelter (CWS), kicked off the event by recognizing many people who have positively impacted their efforts.

Bee Mayo, Sue Ann Cantrell, Mary Ann Harper, shared their longtime journey with us. They talked about their experiences, obstacles, and history of the Craven County Council on Women that ultimately led to a safe haven for victims and the foundation of the shelter.

Background: In the 1980’s, the State recognized a need for two separate organizations to serve domestic violence victims and victims of sexual abuse. That’s how the Coastal Women’s Shelter and Promise Place missions were defined.

Through the dedication and inspiration of many people, the Coastal Women’s Shelter was born as a place where victims could escape their abusers.

Both, the Coastal Women’s Shelter and Promise Place, provide services to Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties.

Are you wondering what the difference is?

The Coastal Women’s Shelter “provides no-cost comprehensive domestic violence services that include a 24/7 crisis line, a safe house, court advocacy services, support groups, and crisis counseling.” They also “provide some employ-ability services through a grant from the North Carolina Council for Women.”

Their vision “is to eradicate domestic violence in the counties that we serve.  The mission is to help families break the cycle of domestic violence and acquire the skills necessary to promote healthy family relationships.”

Promise Place “provides three branches of service:  Community Outreach, Advocacy, and Mental Health.”

Their goal is to “promote the prevention of sexual abuse and violence and personal healing for children and adults affected by sexual abuse and violence through community education, advocacy and trauma-focused care in Craven, Pamlico and Jones Counties.”

Coastal Women’s Shelter information: For immediate assistance, call their Crisis Line at 252-638-5995. Visit them at 1333 S. Glenburnie Rd. in New Bern between 8am – 5pm, call 252-638-4509 or check out their website.

Promise Place information: For immediate help, call their Crisis Line 24/7 at 252-635-7096. Visit them at 1401 Park Ave. in New Bern between 8am – 5pm, call 252-636-3381, or check out their website.

I would like to thank the past and present Directors, staff, Board Members, and Volunteers of the Coastal Women’s Shelter and Promise Place for their unyielding dedication to helping victims and their families begin new lives!

We hope this video and article sheds light on these vital resources in our community.

Please support their efforts by making monetary donations, in-kind donations, and/or by volunteering.

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