Tanya’s Tips: New Year – New Plan!

Tanya Roberts - Structured Chaos

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions on the 1st and generally within a week or two (or some braver soles within a month or two) we have foregone our efforts. So, how do we make a plan and stick to it – at least until summer?

Be realistic. Set a small, sensible, and salvageable goal that you know you can do even on your worst day. Those days will come and come frequently and if you cannot maintain your goal, you feel like you have failed and will likely give up on it completely. That is not the ultimate goal now is it?

Try something different. Instead of setting the typical New Year’s resolutions (weight loss, exercise more, be nicer…) try something you have not done before. Set a goal of once every quarter sending just one hand written thank you note to someone out of the blue. Go ahead now and get the four cards ready and I bet by next year, you will find that you have actually sent several more.

Embrace your inner fears. Allow yourself to fail and to succeed. Let others know your plans so you are kept accountable and you are given external encouragement. We all need that pat on the back for a job well done and for trying.

These are my plans for the New Year and I hope you will try to take a few of them on as well. Allow yourself to be human and allow yourself to enjoy the process. All year long!

Here’s to a Happy Holiday season for all and a most special New Year!

By Contributing Author: Tanya P. Roberts, MSW, CPES, Structured Chaos, 252- 665-3424