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Antivirus Email Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe

Jeremy LeRay
Jeremy LeRay

It seems that this time of year always brings an increase in online threats to your Inbox.  I wanted to share a couple of reminders that are good to keep in mind all year long.

When you receive an e-mail message:

  1. If the message looks odd (you do not know the sender, there are links asking you to provide private information, there is an odd attachment), contains grammatical errors (for instance, the subject line of today’s e-mail was “your documen” instead of “your document”), does not address you individually and/or just doesn’t seem right to you:

Delete the message and empty it from your deleted items folder.

  1. If you know the sender, but were not expecting a message or attachment from them:

Contact the sender and ask them to confirm whether they sent the message prior to opening any attachments or clicking on any links.

Remember that it is better to be cautious and delete a suspicious email, than to be curious and lose your data.

By Contributing Author: Jeremy Leray, New Bern Web Design