New Bern’s Residents “Shaped the Debate” for Mayor

If you missed today’s Mayoral Runoff Debate in the Isaac Taylor Garden, you can watch it on New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel as the videos are uploaded! Above is the video of the Candidates responses to the first question.

We really appreciate everyone’s support for today’s event. We received an overwhelming number of questions so if yours wasn’t answered today, we are forwarding them to the Candidates Dana Outlaw and Sabrina Bengel. Perhaps they will answer them via social media.

We would like to thank both candidates for participating, everyone who joined us, and the News Channels for covering the event!

Here’s the list of questions that were asked:

1.  How would you improve communication between the City and our community and become more transparent? Watch on Youtube!

2.  Do you have plans to reach out to community residents to volunteer for special projects that are outlined in the City of New Bern’s Strategic Goals and Objectives? Watch on Youtube!

3.  How do you plan on enticing outside businesses to move to this area to help with job creation for our local economy? Watch on Youtube!

4.  What are your plans to reduce electricity costs in New Bern as we are locked in to a contract that doesn’t expire until 2017? And why hasn’t this plan been implemented already? Watch on Youtube!

5.  What position will you take relative to the City of New Bern supporting Swiss Bear? Watch on Youtube!

6.  As Mayor, would you have the authority to stop the re-branding effort and allow the people of New Bern to brand our community? What examples have the North Star Strategies company presented to the City? Watch on Youtube!

7.  What is your stance on helping Five Points tell their story? Would you be willing to help Five Points by encouraging people to fund refurbishing Greenwood Cemetery and the Trail of Flames Tour? Watch on Youtube!

8.  Many cities have seen the arts as a way to revitalize neighborhoods and promote economic prosperity. How do you view the arts in New Bern and will you make the arts a priority? Watch on Youtube!

9.  What is your position on taking an active stand in developing a utility conservation awareness program in New Bern and are you supportive in creating energy conservation measures. Watch on Youtube!

10.  How do you plan to keep New Bern as a desirable tourist destination and how would you increase traffic of out of town visitors? Watch on Youtube!

Closing Statements from Dana Outlaw and Sabrina Bengel: Watch on Youtube!

If you’re wondering why we didn’t “change up” the responses, it’s because we’ve never hosted a debate (lesson learned if we every host another one) and an audience member pulled a name out of a hat for the sitting and answering order. Thanks for your patience as our goal was to provide a venue for citizens to make an informed decision.

We hope today’s event helps you make an informed decision for your vote. If you have any questions, please visit Sabrina Bengel’s and Dana Outlaw’s Facebook pages.

Tell us what you think by commenting below or sending us an email. Visit New Bern Now’s Facebook page or sign up for the latest updates by submitting your email address in the right margin on New Bern Now’s website.

Wendy Card