Social Media Summit continues on New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel

We’re very happy with the turnout for our first annual Social Media Summit!

We’ve never organized an event like this and were pleasantly surprised that all but one of the guest speakers was able to make it with their busy schedules! They did more than just “show up”, as each and every one of 22 speakers brought special value to the Summit.

Our goal was to help non-profits and businesses understand the necessity of being visible online from a non-technical standpoint. This was very challenging to those who presented as it’s a lot easier to use technology like audio/visual and computers.

We wanted to create a “big picture” of why people need to have a website and/or blog and use social media platforms to develop relationships with prospective clients/customers. By effectively using the social media tools, they can increase their revenue, attract new visitors to our community, and ultimately help our local economy.

This may sound far-fetching to think that the Summit can help our economy, but we believe that any effort to help local non-profits and businesses is better than none. We hope those who attended were able to take away some valuable information.

If you were unable to attend, we will be sharing video from each of the presenters hoping that you will learn something new and have a general understanding of what social media tools work best for you on New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel.

Jeremy LeRay, owner of New Bern Web Design was one of many local business owners and individuals who “teamed up” with us. We hope you enjoy the above video as it is one of many to come! Call Jeremy at 252-474-7678 to find out how he can help your business or non-profit grow!

Special thanks to everyone who joined us for this fun learning adventure! We would also like to thank WCTI News Channel 12 and WITN News Channel 7 for joining us. We really appreciate the publicity!

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