Exhibitors are growing at the Greater Good Gallery


More than 40 artists, crafters and authors display their works at the Greater Good Gallery on 228 Craven Street. Some of the exhibitors demonstrate their creativity on-location while painting en plein air, or making jewelry and other crafts to inspire visitors.

Carol Jones shares her oil painting techniques with tourists and James Herring documents New Bern architecture with his oil pastels and acrylics.

Meg Wethington and Amber Ayala stimulate patrons with their unique visions while creating multi-media abstracts. Susan Spirko delights locals with watercolors and Jon Derby visits regularly to discuss the relevance of digital art. Alice Bilello and Suzette Wetherington craft jewelry and local author, Ken Capps, tells the tale of his book’s journey to award-winning status.

The doors have opened at Greater Good Gallery serving as a portal funneling artists, works, and concepts through this amazingly creative hub. Visit online at www.greatergoodgallery.com or in-person in picturesque downtown New Bern, North Carolina.

Submitted by: Lisa Bisbee, Greater Good Gallery