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Fat Burning Treadmill Workout by Kate Horney

Well summer is almost here again, and the weather is FINALLY warming.  Usually this means I start thinking about the beach and how I’m going to get such a nice tan! But the question usually comes up how do I prepare for swimsuit season?

The simplest way to get a great bikini prepping workout at home is with a treadmill. Almost every gym has one and many people have them at their homes. There is no set up and no complicated movements, all you need to do is hop on and go!

Well, almost. There is a catch when working with a treadmill. See, if you spend a ton of time on a treadmill at moderate effort you can end up doing more harm than good! Especially for women, steady, medium effort cardo workouts can cause damage to our metabolism and end up just making us really hungry! See a full explanation here.

So with that in mind, the following treadmill workout is designed to give you the MOST fat burning bang for your buck with a treadmill!

Here’s the Workout:

Warm up with a moderate treadmill walk for 3 minutes.

Now begins the workout!

1.   1min Sprint on Treadmill

2.   Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill

3.   8-12 Deadlift/Curl/Press

4.   30 second Sprint on Treadmill

5.   Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill

6.   8-12 Incline Push Ups/Rows

7.   30 second Sprint on Treadmill

8.   Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill

9.   8-12 Suitcase Squats

Push until you can’t, then rest until you can!

Repeat up to 3x.

Cool down with a moderate walk for 3 minutes.

If you don’t understand some of the exercises, or this all sounds just a little too foreign to you, come join us for a free Bikini Boot Camp workout and we will be happy to help!

Written by Contributing Author: Kate Horney, Founder, Beyond Fitness Physiques