Video “Shout out” features Lucky Street Tattoo’s Patriot Express Motorcycle Event

Beth Fairchild, co-owner of Lucky Street Tattoo joined Thea Kincaid and me for New Bern Now’s monthly video “Shout outs” for local businesses and non-profits.

Beth wanted to spread the word about a unique charitable event that she and her husband Marc Fairchild are planning. They’re teaming up with the Dave Barr Foundation to host a Patriot Express motorcycle event.

Dave Barr has traveled across the Globe on a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle that’s modified to fit his prosthetic legs. Dave lost his legs during a land mine explosion while serving our country.

He’s an inspiration for everyone to emulate! Dave Barr is an Author, Speaker, and Guinness Book of World Record holder. He rides to raise funds for numerous charities around the World and encourage and motivate people along the way. During his travels, “Dave uses his experiences to tell story after touching story. His life lessons will enrich and empower you as he shares how he brought his vision to life by setting goals, staying focused, and overcoming obstacles.” – Dave Barr Foundation

Since meeting Dave Barr about 5 years ago, Beth and Marc Fairchild have been driven to support his efforts. Join them on August 17th, 2013 as Lucky Street Tattoo crew is planning a special event filled with motorcycles, fellowship, and raising money for a terrific cause!

Learn more about Dave Barr by visiting the Dave Barr Foundation’s website or finding Dave Barr on Facebook.

Special thanks to Beth Fairchild for stopping by and sharing information about the upcoming Patriot Express event.

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Wendy Card