Coastal Women’s Forum is celebrating 25 years – Poised for the Future

In 1987, a group of women from diverse businesses and professional backgrounds met  to discuss the possibility of developing a networking organization. After defining initial goals and objectives, the core group invited other women to join the endeavor. The first formal meeting of Coastal Women’s Forum was held in the spring of 1988. Membership has grown steadily and continues to grow.

Today, Coastal Women’s Forum is an organization that provides women with business and professional networking opportunities. With monthly meetings offering dinner or lunch venues we can accommodate busy schedules. Dinner and lunch programs offer a variety of speakers on local and regional interests. We promote self–‐development through our programs, presentations and discussions on business and community–‐related topics. Currently, 146 women are enjoying membership in the organization that attracts women from a variety of professions and occupations.

To celebrate this important milestone, CWF is holding a special dinner event for its members on May 7th at the Whitford Plantation in New Bern. This event will be an opportunity for new members to enjoy a good time together, learn more about our organization and its history, as well as meet charter members, past presidents and network fellow members.

We will honor our past by continuing to focus on the goals  of Coastal Women’s Forum—the opportunity to encourage each other, foster education as well as develop personal and professional networking.

CWF Goals:


The group supports members in the form of personal business interaction, which is invaluable. It promotes better understanding of the dynamics of women in the business and professional world, and their individual places in the community.


Programs, presentations and round table discussions (often conducted by members) foster both personal and professional self-development. CWF encourages education by offering an annual scholarship to a female high school senior entering college in the fall.


The collective expertise of the Coastal Women’s Forum represents a valuable resource for each member. Business meetings, social events, monthly newsletters and our website with member directory and other resources offer opportunities to establish contacts, exchange ideas, and gain both experience and information.

CWF will produce a commemorative video featuring our past and current members, our history and community. If you or your place of business would like to contribute by participating in the video or donating to the cause, please contact the 25th Anniversary Committee Chair Thea Kincaid at Thea’s Ideas email.

For details visit the Coastal Women’s Forum website.

Submitted by: Thea Kincaid, owner of Thea’s Ideas promotional products