Tanya Roberts for Craven County Board of Education

Candidate Tanya Roberts with Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson met with Candidate Tanya Roberts who’s running for the Craven County Board of Education, District seat 5. We met with Tanya a couple of months ago to find out why she decided to run and why people should vote for her. You can listen to the previous interview here: https://newbernnow.com/2012/05/meet-candidate-tanya-roberts-for-craven-county-board-of-education.html.

We wanted to learn more about the Craven County Board of Education race, so Laura sat down with Tanya to catch up on the latest. Listen to the interview here:

As we mentioned in our first meeting, Tanya is a social worker at heart with 18 years experience and is very active in our community. She believes in education and wants to be an advocate for students, teachers, principals and our new Superintendent, as they need to know that they are supported.

Wanting to make a difference, Tanya believes it’s vital that Craven County has a parent with a child in the public school system representing and serving on the Board of Education so she decided to run for District seat 5. She feels that she has the compassion, knowledge, and experience to rejuvenate the current board by bringing new ideas and solutions to the table.

Tanya Roberts believes it’s very important that Craven County residents are “aware of what’s going on with education, understanding where the budget is, and how the funds are being allocated”. She encourages the public to attend board meetings when there are issues that they believe are important to their children and/or the community at large. She hopes the public will become more involved in the board’s decision making process.

Her thoughts include, “our community needs to be involved in helping make sure that our students are graduating prepared to either work or go on to college”.

Even if you don’t have children, Tanya said, “Residents need to be concerned because their tax dollars support the public schools. We are hoping the students that graduate from our schools will continue to live in Craven County and work”.  In this case, these students are our future caregivers, teachers, leaders, etc., so we will be “impacted by those who graduated from our schools”.

When you vote, The Board of Education Candidates are considered a “non-partisan race”. “It’s like the judicial races. That means anyone voting “straight ticket” does not include these races. These are not to be labeled Democrat or Republican. Because of that, we are located at the very bottom of the ballot.”

Find out more about Tanya P. Roberts by visiting her website or calling her at 252-665-3424.

Mark your calendars to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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