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We really have a great time learning something new about New Bern so we decided to share the information with you.

Most native New Bernians have an advantage as you probably know all the answers, but who knows!

When I grew up 10 minutes from Niagara Falls, it was the last place I wanted to go because that’s where all the tourists were. I wanted to search for new and exciting adventures!

This week’s question for a free MUMFEST t-shirt was: What New Bern Native signed the Constitution of the US? Nina Randone answered Richard Dobbs Spaight and Jennifer Bertling responded Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr. Since I wasn’t more specific with the question, I’d like to congratulate both Nina and Jennifer for winning a MUMFEST 2012 t-shirt!

You can visit his graveside memorial on Madam Moore’s Lane in Brice’s Creek.

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Wendy Card