How to Shuck a Raw Oyster?

Mike Lentz Shows How To Shuck a Raw Oyster
Mike Lentz Shows How To Shuck a Raw Oyster


In this video, Mike Lentz shows us how to open up a raw oyster.

Safety first. To make sure that the oyster alive, the shell will be sealed shut. If it is open at all, then don’t eat it.

Clean it. Try to clean the shell a little bit, so you don’t get any of the mud or the dirt into the oyster when you are ready to eat it.

Don’t cut yourself. Lentz strongly suggests that you wear a glove, because the shells are sharp.

Use an oyster knife. The utensil has a little twist at the end, since opening oysters isn’t really a gouging thing, it’s more of a place in firm, then twist with the wrist.

Insert your oyster knife. Go to the back end of the shell, where it comes to a point, then twist and the shell will pop.

Cut the muscle on the top and bottom. Don’t gouge the knife in, because you don’t want to destroy the muscle.

Ready to eat.  Among the many ways to prepare an oyster, a favorite is to slide it right on over to a cracker, pour some drops of tobasco sauce on top, and then gobble it down.