>Meet Humor and Freelance Writer, Helen Aitken!


While making our rounds at the Craven Arts Festival this weekend, Laura Johnson and I met Helen Aitken for the first time. She is truly a gifted writer and is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. As she mentioned above, “humor is contagious” and she made me laugh until my cheeks hurt.

Helen Aitken’s biography:
Helen is a Freelance Writer, Humor Writer, and teaches Creative Writing at Carteret Community College.

The book is based on my humor blog with the same name, “It Only Happens to Me…” with some humorous creative nonfiction short stories; there is a Southern flare to the contents. It is inspired by everday occurrences and written with clean humor, so most people can relate to it.

The book was prompted by being asked to speak to the Carteret Couty employees for their wellness program. The program I chose to do was “Healthy Humor”, and I am the perfect person to present the topic. I have a master’s degree in Science Educationi and a background in Biology. The seventeen plus years of being in th eclassroom coupled with my humor writing allows for an interesting perspective on encouraging humor at home and in the workplace.

It is a perfect topic for a meeting, lighthearted, humorous and can be presented in thirty minutes or an hour.
Above informaton provided by Helen Aitken.

If you want to good laugh, I strongly urge you to visit her website. You can even purchase her new Humor Book there. Are you interested in more information? Give her a call 252-764-3241 or 910-265-4043 or send her an email.

Thank you, Helen, for the terrific conversation and sharing your sense of humor with us. I look forward to working with you in the future!

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