>Meet Author Georgie Stone Wilson!


I had the pleasure of meeting Author and Freelance Writer, Georgie Stone Wilson, at the Craven Arts Festival.

Here are brief descriptions of her books:

New River: The Jewel of Onslow County

The story takes the reader through a collection of old timers’ memories of fishing, partying, and life on New River, through tales of raging hurricanes, the dreaded water contamination of colossal proportion, and historical occurrences including the Battle of New River, while gleaning photos of abundant wild life, born of the rich and complex value of the popular New River in Onslow County, North Carolina.

Yana’s: A Taste of the Past Where Goodbyes Never Happen
The reader is captivated by the antics of the restaurant’s staff and locals as the story projects spell-bound tourists soaking in the rich authentic 50’s era music and décor, speechless over the luscious fruit fritters and milk shakes at Yana’s in Swansboro, North Carolina.

Genre: non-fiction

Above Information provided by Georgie Stone Wilson.

Georgie is also a professional speaker, so give her a call to arrange a date for her to come and talk with your community groups.

You can order her books by calling her at 910-324-1895 or 910-581-9020 or sending her an email.

Thank you, Georgie, for the entertaining conversation. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Wendy Card

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