>Meet Artist Kay Godfrey Woolard!


I had the pleasure of meeting artist and acrylic painter Kay Woolard at the Craven Arts Festival today. Her paintings are beautiful and reflect a natural perspective of the Sea with Tropical influences.

Read Kay’s biography:
Artist Kay Godfrey Woolard is from Washington, North Carolina. Growing up boating and playing on the river and nearby coast, she developed a deep appreciation for nature and water at an early age. After obtaining her master’s degree, she spent most of her professional life teaching in the North Carolina Community College system.

Kay enjoyed her career in teaching; however, she is now taking much pleasure in rediscovering her passion for art and expressing that love on canvas. It was painting on canvas with acrylics that brought back the magical, peaceful childhood memories of crayon coloring with her grandmother. She holds the honor of having award-winning paintings, and her works have been acquired for numerous private collections.

Kay reveals her love of nature, coastal life, sunsets, beaches, islands, tropical waters, and beautiful color in her paintings. She combines soft flowing curves and muted color with strong lines and angles and vibrant color to create harmony in her work.

Inspiration for many of her original works comes from her personal life experiences. These include memories of her visits to the Caribbean and the North Carolina coast and photographs taken while traveling with her husband along the U.S. East Coast and Bahamas on the sailboat Argonauta.

When painting, Kay feels that she melts into every canvas and finds peace, tranquility, and calmness in her work. She hopes that the viewer, too, will join her to be inspired in a positive and harmonious way.

For more information, please visit the Kay G. Woolard Art Studio, Washington, NC, call her at 252-943-1016, check out her website: www.kaywoolardart.com, or send her an email.

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