Author Alva Harris presents Epic Saga!


Dr. Alva Harris was promoting his new book, “Born On A Buzzard’s Stump, The Epic Saga of A Man And His Myth” at the Craven Arts Festival.

Alva was proud to share some of his lifetime adventures with me, as he’s had a life full of unique experiences! What an extraordinary man!

Alva’s biography:
Alva Harris’s life has been a joust with the status quo. He claims that it will have been too short to learn all he’d like to know and experience within our wonderful universe. Yet the adventures he has traversed within his lifetime would fill the bucket lists of many.

Being blessed with a father who answered the question, “Where did I come from?” with “A buzzard laid you on a stump and the sun came out and hatched you,” Alva was destined for a life of adventure long before he understood the concept.

From his beginning as a penniless Depression-era child, the author takes you on his journey as he treks his way through being a plow-boy, hunter, trapper, taxidermist, commercial fisherman, biological collector, gold miner, military serviceman, ecologist, and professor. You’ll travel through natural environments from North Carolina to Alask over a span of eighty years and live through a myriad of experiences from the thrill of encountering bear in the wilderness to the reality of having to hunt or fish for your dinner or go hungry.

Born on a Buzzard’s Stump, The Epic Saga of a Man and His Myth will bring a sense of adventure to everyone who reads it – from real life adventurers to those of us who jus dream about them.

Above information provided by Alva Harris.

I hope you take some time to watch the video to learn more about Alva as you may enjoy listening to him as much as I did. I can’t wait to read his book.

Find out more about Alva or purchase his book by visiting his website: You can also buy his book at or

Thank you Alva and your wife, Donna, for allowing me to shine the spotlight on you and your Memoir! It was truly a pleasure getting to know you.

Wendy Card

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