>Joining Forces to Unify New Bern

>From the development of New Bern Now’s Blog, I have tried to remain “neutral” and not discuss any political or religious agendas or ideals. My Father taught me at a young age that it isn’t polite to ask people what political party or church they belong to. It was taboo. That was back in the 1970’s in Western NY. Not sure how things were in the South, but back then it was a personal issue and people kept their lives private.

Nowadays, the store clerk may ask me what church I belong to or the voting receptionist may ask me what political party I’m affiliated with “out loud”. Depending on your views, this can provoke a negative reaction (Booing).

Medically and technologically, we have advanced drastically over the past 40 years.

Unfortunately, I feel we have digressed significantly when it comes to some political and religious views. Instead of becoming more accepting of others, we are driving in reverse at an alarming speed and I fear something very bad can result from hatred among our own – Americans!

Is it possible that the left and right wing parties will ever grasp the idea that we have common ground and use familiar goals and needs to improve our community?

It is human nature to form bonds with people of like minds. Why can’t we expand our “boundaries” to use our knowledge and skills in helping our community advance vs. digress?

With the recent inflammatory comments in the media, I can’t help but speak my mind. Instead of complaining about issues that were decided X amount of years ago, why not suggest how “we” as residents can make a difference and help our newly elected officials?

Although I’m not a “native” New Bernian, I don’t think I’m far off base by saying that most of the residents living in the Greater New Bern want a nice place to live.

Let’s “pool our experience, knowledge, resources and talents” and help make New Bern the “Little City That Could”. Let’s turn off the “hatred” in the media and make a difference in our community!

Wendy Card