City of New Bern Runoff Election

It looks like New Bern residents will be at the voting both again, this time for runoff voting. It was unclear to me exactly what this voting method was because I’ve never encountered the situation.

For those who aren’t familiar with the process, let me explain. Mayor Bayliss and Johnnie Ray Kinsey of Ward 4 were leaders in votes, but did not win by majority of 50%. So, the candidates who came in second, Lee Bettis and Joan Bottcher, sign for a runoff. If Mayor Bayliss or Johnnie Ray Kinsey do not agree, they must step down and the position goes to the challenger.

This is interesting because these candidates now must broaden their supporter base and reach out to citizens whose favorite candidate has been eliminated (i.e. Frank Kerr, Carmen Andersen, and Koni Hanish). This means the candidates who are out of the running still have a strong influence in the runoff election.

My question to you is what is going to determine your vote?

November 3rd is right around the corner. Just remember, the runoff election will decide who’s going to lead New Bern during this difficult, economic period. We need a strong leader who will make the right decisions.

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