City of New Bern Election Results

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the City of New Bern Elections for Mayor and Alderman, although there is the question of run-off elections pending. The best of luck for those effected by the run-off elections.

Mayor Bayliss 49% – Lee Bettis at 45%. Lee Bettis requested a run-off election because Candidates have to receive 50% of the vote.

Alderman, Ward 1, Sabrina Bengel

Alderman, Ward 2, Victor Taylor

Alderman, Ward 3, Denny Bucher

Alderman, Ward 4, Johnny Ray Kinsey at 40% and Joan Bottcher at 30%. Joan Bottcher requested a run-off election.

Alderman, Ward 5, Bernard White

Alderman, Ward 6, Dana Outlaw