Let Me Introduce Myself

Many of New Bern Now’s viewers ask me why I don’t have a photo of myself or share more personal information about myself on the blog. The first thing that comes to mind is I’m not vain. I’m not saying that everyone who posts photos of themselves on the Internet is vain. They are probably trying to follow website and blog etiquette which is creating trust by opening yourself up to your customers.

That’s why I decided to write a little bit about myself so visitors can relate to me in some way.

I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Wendy Card and the reason I created New Bern Now, was to inform New Bern residents and visitors of what’s happening in this great city.

Are you wondering why I would create something for free without wanting something in return during these times of hardship? Well, it all started last December when I was talking to a local downtown merchant. The elderly lady was upset, as she had recently lost her husband and was worried about losing her business.

This conversation bothered me so much that I bought a book for “Dummies” on how to create a website using HTML/CSS code and took the task to heart. My goal was to find as much information I could about New Bern and list it for free. As an optimist, I believed “You Build It and They Will Come”! I didn’t realize it would consume six months of my time, but New Bern Now finally launched in April 2009.

You may wonder how I could do this and work at the same time. Well, I retired as a Chief Hospital Corpsman from Naval Hospital (before it became a Clinic) Cherry Point on Halloween 2007. I worked part time as a funeral attendant at Cotten Funeral Home for six months in hopes to obtain an internship, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was finished with standing 24 hour duty after almost 22 years of active service.

Soon thereafter, I became a local business owner. I created an office management/administrative support consulting business, “Time for Virtual Assisting”. As my own boss, I set my own schedule and take care of clients who appreciate my assistance on an as needed basis. I work on the website in my spare time. I’m also an active volunteer and board member for the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Although I’m not a New Bern native, I enjoy all aspects of living here and have always had a desire to provide service to my community (or I would never had joined the military). That’s why I thought it was time for someone to step up to the plate and do something to support our community and possibly attract new visitors to this great city in hopes to help our small business owners, residents, and non-profit organizations who are really struggling right now.

With your help, New Bern Now could truly become the “One Stop, Information Shop” that it was meant to be. I welcome you to share articles, events, photos, etc. to be included on New Bern Now. Why not give back to your community by commenting on what your needs and wants are for the Greater New Bern Community (including Riverdale, Taberna, River Bend, Old Towne, Historic District, Greenbrier, Oaks Road, Bridgeton, Fairfield Harbour, etc.)

Thank you for your time!