50 Million Fish Kill on the Neuse River

After meeting with Larry Baldwin, Lower Neuse RIVERKEEPER, and Brian Westcott, Program Coordinator, I learned a great deal about how the greater New Bern community can help these hardworking men improve our Neuse River.

Word of the recent 50 million fish kill resonates around town. It’s obvious that the time has come for local residents (me included) to voice their opinions and step up to the plate to do something about it. One way to help is to volunteer your time to the Neuse RIVERKEEPER Foundation. If you enjoy the outdoors and if you’re interested in volunteering, the Muddy Water Watch may be the place for you.

“The Muddy Water Watch (MWW) is a state-wide volunteer initiative to reduce storm water runoff from construction sites. You will learn about Best Management Practices and how they need to be maintained. As a trained volunteer, you will learn to properly identify and report sedimentation and erosion control violations from active construction sites.

Your Volunteer efforts will:

– Help build the base of information that will improve our state’s sediment laws and enforcement.
– Reduce sediment pollution in your area’s rivers and streams.
– Improve construction site maintenance and accountability.
– Protect our affordable access to clean drinking water and safe recreation.”

The above excerpt was taken directly from the NRF MWW Pamphlet.

Contact the Neuse RIVERKEEPER Foundation for more information on how you can make a difference in their efforts by volunteering, donating, or voicing your opinion.