Co-Editors Announce Expansion of Local Independent Newsroom

New Bern Now Newsroom Team

Update: Nash Ebbinge is no longer NBN’s content manager.

New Bern Now was created in April 2009 to promote local businesses and nonprofits during the great recession. It has grown into a multimedia company where people can consume local news via audio, video, digital and print.

Founder Wendy Card said, “I’ve waited 14 years for this day! I’m excited to announce New Bern Now (NBN) is partnering with Todd and Becky Wetherington. He’s an award-winning journalist, photographer and author. She’s a talented artist, graphic designer and journalist. They both have years of experience in community newspapers. This joint venture will be instrumental in expanding our coverage of New Bern and the surrounding areas.”

Laura Johnson has been NBN’s Special Advisor since inception. She was instrumental in delivering the magazine prior to the pandemic. Instead of a magazine, she is now the distribution director for the Navigator newspaper.

Nicole Kirch came onboard last month to report on sports, education and other issues. She’s an experienced sound engineer, tennis coach, and superb problem solver. Nash Ebbinge is our new content manager. He’s an entrepreneur well versed in marketing, the use of SEO’s, graphic design, and IT.

People have expressed interest in joining NBN’s team and we look forward to growing the newsroom.

Articles and information are published on, shared on social media sites, in the New Bern Bulletin daily news email, on Living in New Bern and Beyond show, and the Navigator newspaper.

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By Co-Editors Wendy Card and Todd Wetherington