Second Forum for Inclusive Art Project: Crafting Lives

Tryon Palace Inclusive Art Project

We are looking forward to what will unfold in 2023 especially as we will be continuing the work, we have begun on the Z Smith Reynolds Inclusive Art Initiative. This program is designed to use permanent, public art to share stories of diversity, equity and inclusion. This is an effort to stimulate community conversations to provide a shared and fuller understanding of our common history.

This second forum is to continue to inform the people of our community of where we are in the process and to gather feedback on the art and gather ideas for the vision of what we want this project to accomplish. Please ask questions and speak out during the program and please complete in the survey.

The first part of the program is to bring to life five of the many artisans whose stories are told in the book Crafting Lives. These are stories of fortitude, resilience, creativity, and incredible strength. They found ways of agency within an entire social system that did everything to deny them any control over their lives.

The second part of the program will be from the artists who are creating this remarkable statement through their art. We are excited to share this and have your reactions.

Asa Spellman /Craig Allen

Amelia Green/Laura Miller

James York Green/Curtis Jenkins

Donum Montford/ Donald Harmon

John Rice Green/Martin Harris

Now I will present to you the Artisan from Crafting live written by Catherine Bishir

By Sharon Bryan, Tryon Palace African American Outreach Coordinator