“Who Killed Mr. O’Blatherskite?”

Who Killed Mr O’Blatherskite poster

North Carolina History Theater is offering its second comic murder mystery, “Who Killed Mr. O’Blatherskite?” for the dates during August 2022 as their offering for a night – (or two, or three!) of entertainment at clubs, organizations, country clubs or theaters! They will bring the show to your location.

Mr. O’Blatherskite – the corrupt president of a western railroad – has been found murdered in his private car. All the suspects are on the train – Sheriff Randy—a fatherly type of guy, his sidekick the Barney-Fife-like Deputy Arney; Mac, a gambler and con artist and his sidekick the not-so-sweet Sweet Mary. Throw in Duncan, the conductor who used to own this railroad – until Mr. O’Blatherskite won it from him in with a questionable five-ace straight – and the determined lady bounty hunter Jane Dade who is tracking Mac and swears she will always get her man.

Every soul has a motive to kill the deceased, and plenty of broad and silly comedy ensues as they work to solve the crime! The audience gets to try and solve it as well, interviewing the suspects between scenes, and the best guessing guest at the end of the night wins a prize!  For extra fun come dressed (optional!) in your Western best!

For information on how to schedule this comic mobile murder mystery for your venue or organization, contact the North Carolina History Theater via email or call Bill Hand at 252-229-4977. For best selection of dates, call early.

The North Carolina History Theater, Inc., is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to expressing and exploring the unique history of North Carolina through the performing arts and celebrating the rich diversity of our state in all forms of artistic expression. Contact them via email.

By Kathy Morrison, North Carolina History Theater