New Bern Mayor, Aldermen, and Craven County Commissioner Primary Election Results

New Bern City Hall
Note: Updated May 27, 2022

The results are in for the City of New Bern Municipal Election and the Primary Election for Craven County Commissioners!

Bob Brinson for Alderman Ward 6 was the only clear winner of the contested races. Barbara Best for Alderman Ward 5, Johnnie Ray Kinsey for Alderman Ward 4, and Bobby Aster for Alderman Ward 3 were unopposed and elected.

Toussaint Summers, Jr. for Mayor, Sabrina Bengel for Alderman Ward 1, and Jennell Reddick for Alderman Ward 2 are front runners, but Alderman Jeffrey Odham, Rick Prill, and Hazel Royal may request runoffs. Stay tuned.

Beatrice Smith wins District 3, ET Mitchell wins District 4, and Theron McCabe wins District 5 in Craven County Commissioner Primary.

Per NC Statute§ 163-293. Determination of election results in cities using the election and runoff election method. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, nonpartisan municipal elections in cities using the election and runoff election method shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. A majority within the meaning of this section shall be determined as follows:

(1) When more than one person is seeking election to a single office, the majority shall be ascertained by dividing the total vote cast for all candidates by two. Any excess of the sum so ascertained shall be a majority, and the candidate who obtains a majority shall be declared elected…

According to Director Meloni Wray, Craven County Board of Elections, “The elected officials for the City of New Bern cannot be sworn in until after they receive the official Certificate of Election.”

“We have 6 days to issue these after the canvass of the election. Canvass for the May 17 election is May 27.”

“If there is a runoff for any races it will be July 26 with the canvass being August 5.”

“The City of New Bern will set the date for the swearing in of the new elected officials.”

Here’s the results:


Toussaint E. Summers, Jr.   Ballot Count: 2,635 Percent:  46.18 %

Jeffrey T. Odham                    Ballot Count:  2,631 Percent:  46.11%

Tim Harris                                Ballot Count: 304     Percent:  5.33%

Maxwell D. Oglesby                Ballot Count: 126     Percent:  2.21%

Write-In (Misc)                       Ballot Count: 10       Percent:  0.18%

Alderman Ward 1

Sabrina Bengel                       Ballot Count: 548     Percent:  42.98 %

Rick Prill                                  Ballot Count: 507     Percent:  39.76%

Bernard W. White                 Ballot Count: 217     Percent:  17.02%

Write-In (Misc)                     Ballot Count: 3        Percent:  0.24%

Alderman Ward 2   

Jennell Reddick                    Ballot Count: 268     Percent:  38.67%

Hazel Royal                           Ballot Count: 240     Percent:  34.63 %

Jameesha Harris                  Ballot Count: 184     Percent:  26.55%

Write-In (Misc)                    Ballot Count: 1        Percent:  0.14%

Alderman Ward 3          

Bobby Aster                       Ballot Count: 982     Percent:  97.81%

Write-In (Misc)                 Ballot Count: 22       Percent:  2.19%

Alderman Ward 4

Johnnie Ray Kinsey         Ballot Count: 531     Percent:  94.32%

Write-In (Misc)                 Ballot Count: 32       Percent:  5.68%

Alderman Ward 5        

Barbara J. Best                  Ballot Count: 475     Percent:  97.54%

Write-In (Misc)                 Ballot Count: 12       Percent:  2.46%

Alderman Ward 6             

Bob Brinson                                Ballot Count: 818     Percent:  60.86%

Travis Oakley                              Ballot Count: 514     Percent:  38.24%

Bruce LaViolette (Write-In)     Ballot Count: 6     Percent:  0.45%

Write-In (Misc)                           Ballot Count: 6       Percent:  0.45%

Craven County Commissioner District 3      

Beatrice Smith                   DEM   Ballot Count: 766     Percent: 62.99%

Dorothea D. White             DEM   Ballot Count: 450     Percent: 37.01%

Craven County Commissioner District 4

ET Mitchell                       REP   Ballot Count: 1,486 Percent:  62.83%

Dana E. Outlaw                 REP   Ballot Count: 879     Percent:  37.17%

Craven County Commissioner District 5

Theron McCabe                DEM   Ballot Count:  413    Percent:  66.08%

Milly Acevedo                   DEM   Ballot Count: 212     Percent:  33.92%

For more results, visit the North Carolina Board of Election website.

By Wendy Card, Editor