Laura Wilson Named Craven County Teacher of the Year

Laura Wilson in Car

Ms. Wilson is currently a 4th grade teacher and a 13-year veteran with Craven County Schools. She has previously taught at James W. Smith and Trent Park Elementary Schools. Ms. Wilson holds a NC Educators license with endorsements in Elementary Education (K-6) and Reading (K-12). She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education from East Carolina University in 2008. Since Ms. Wilson became a teacher at Roger Bell New Tech Academy, she has gone above and beyond to tap into students’ interests. Her work over the course of her career is a strong reminder of both the power of an individual educator to change lives and the importance of systemic changes to improve education for all students.”

During the selection process, Laura Wilson stated: “A beloved teacher once told me along my journey that teaching is the profession that creates all others.” “I have doubted that I was doing was what I meant to do.” When asked about her feelings and beliefs about teaching, Ms. Wilson stated: “I create authentic, hands-on learning activities that are relevant to the students and their interests. I believe that teaching is truly a privilege. Knowing that parents trust me to nurture and grow their children is a huge responsibility. Our kids are amazing!”

Beyond helping students achieve academic success, Ms. Wilson said, “my role as a classroom teacher goes beyond the current school year. My students will gain skills and strategies to be successful in the next grade level, grade span, after graduation and in their future career choices.”

We are honored to have Ms. Laura Wilson of Roger Bell New Tech Academy serve as the 2022-2023 Craven County Schools Teacher of the Year!

By Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations