‘Between the Bridges’ for April 29, 2021

Railroad bridge

By Wendy Card of New Bern Now

If you missed last week’s launch of “Between the Bridges”, our goal is to celebrate the life moments of residents living in the greater New Bern area and surrounding towns. Today, we included nonprofit news and civic fundraisers. Eventually, we’d like to include memories of places and attractions, local folklore, and more!

Polly Morris
Polly Morris

Happy Birthday, Jim Congleton (4/29), Polly Morris (4/29), Bill Kincaid (5/1), Jamie Yezarski (5/2), and Virginia Spencer (5/3), Skip Crayton (5/5).

Happy 30th Anniversary to Bill and Camilla Wheeler (4/27).

Congratulations Emma VanBree and Clancy Ballenger on your engagement.

Big shoutout to Patrick Lloyd is graduating on May 1 from NC State as Class Valedictorian with a degree in Biology and Shannon Lloyd is graduating on May 1 from the University of Michigan Graduate School of Environment and Sustainability.

In Memory of Leon Grant, 54, of New Bern (4/28), Mary Theresa Kaspar Nicinski, 102, of New Bern (4/28), William A. “Billy” Toler, II, 51, New Bern (4/27), Richard Alan Barnhill, 57, New Bern (4/26), Mrs. Ola D. Jordan, 82, Trent Woods (4/26), Ella Legree Toon, 91, of Cove City (4/26), Mary Frances Clayton, 90, New Bern (4/25), Doris Marie Jordan Gaylor, 80, New Bern (4/25), Bernice Sophie Radau, 91, New Bern (4/26), Eddie Jerome Robinson, 56, New Bern (4/25), James Leroy Andrews, Jr., 70, New Bern (4/24), Aung Aung, 53, New Bern (4/24), James Calvin Hall, 62, Reelsboro (4/24), Edna Daley Harkins, 94, New Bern (4/24), Queenie Bell Lilly, 93, New Bern (4/23), George “Max” Maxwell Miller, 90, New Bern (4/23), Evergreen Meadows Morris, 91, of New Bern (4/22), and Albert Eugene “Cecil” Roberts, 63, New Bern (4/22).

Make a difference

Consider donating to Sound Rivers to help the Riverkeepers and volunteers take water samples our rivers and tributaries! We spoke with the Lower Neuse Riverkeeper, Katy Langley Hunt, and she said, “This month is our April Match so all donations that are made during the month of April are actually doubled. If you only have $5 dollars to give, that’s great, because your $5 will actually be $10. I believe we’ve calculated it down to $5 actually does pay for one swim guide sample throughout the summer. So if you want to donate $5, we are happy to have it because, again, during April, it’s doubled and it would pay for two samples”.

Donna & Team New Bern are collecting Cans for Paws as a fundraiser for Colonial Capital Humane Society. For details, call 636-6595.

We need your help, so send us your announcements and photos (i.e. engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, death notices, etc.) that happened during April 29 – May 6, or you have a birthday announcement for someone celebrating between May 6 – 13, enail us.