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Super Science Grant awarded by Craven PIE

HJ MacDonald Grant Writing Team
HJ MacDonald Grant Writing Team

To advance and support programs for science in Craven County Schools, Dr. Meghan Doyle, Craven County Schools superintendent, offered a grant to Craven County Schools’ science teachers. The focus of the Super Science Grant is to increase science achievement through direct services to the students. H.J. MacDonald Middle School won $500 for their grant, “Ooey Gooey Fish Guts,” written by Meredith Cox, Sabrina Davenport, Nikesha Farrior, and Jennifer Popperwill. The grant funds hands-on labs for 231 sixth-grade students. Students will analyze food chains and food webs and determine how certain abiotic factors affect an organism’s ability to survive in certain biomes. This grant will allow them to experience a true application of what they are learning. Pictured is the HJM grant writing team receiving their Winner’s Certificate along with their check.

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By Darlene Brown