Notification of Wastewater Spill in Craven County

City of New Bern

General Statute 143-215.1C requires that the owner or operator of any wastewater collection or treatment works to issue a press release when an untreated wastewater discharge of 1,000 gallons or more reaches surface waters.

In accordance with that regulation, the following news release has been prepared and issued to media in the affected county:

Due to the heavy rainfall on November 12, 2020, there was localized flooding in New Bern, which inundated portions of the sanitary sewer system and the City of New Bern had a discharge of untreated wastewater on November 12, 2020 of an estimated 3,750 gallons from manholes located near 3650 Neuse Boulevard and 1306 Peace Road. The untreated wastewater was discharged into an unnamed tributary of the Neuse River, in the Neuse River Basin.

The Division of Water Quality was notified of the event on November 13, 2020 and is reviewing the matter.

For information contact the City of New Bern at 252-639-7526.

By Colleen Roberts, Public Information Officer, City of New Bern