CarolinaEast Foundation Reveals Dollars Raised Through Annual Employee Campaign

CarolinaEast Foundation
Jill Thompson, CarolinaEast Foundation Executive Director, Ray Leggett, CarolinaEast CEO/President, and Dr. Reed Underhill, CarolinaEast Urologist and Campaign Donor.

Over $400,000 Will Serve Local Healthcare Needs In Eastern NC

The CarolinaEast Foundation is proud to announce the final results of the 2020 CarolinaEast Health System Employee Campaign. “Everyday Heroes: Kindness Behind the Mask”, with over 50% of the work force at CarolinaEast giving of their time and dollars over this annual two weeklong fundraising campaign, brought in a remarkable total of $441,383.00. 100% of those dollars are dedicated to directly serving the healthcare needs of the local communities in eastern North Carolina.

This is the 24th annual Employee Campaign, but perhaps the most unforgettable one yet in light of this year’s global health pandemic. In the midst of caring for many COVID patients over the last several months, CarolinaEast staff found it in their hearts to donate to a cause that directly helps local patients and community members. “The Foundation is grateful to the staff and volunteers that gave selflessly to this year’s campaign. The Kindness Behind the Mask theme is PERFECT in describing the heart and soul of CarolinaEast,” said Jill Thompson, Executive Director of the CarolinaEast Foundation. “Not only do our staff care for the people of Eastern NC by coming to work every day, the gifts to the employee campaign will also make our communities healthier, thus happier. We are lucky to have such dedicated employees.”

Once again, this campaign is a true testament of the dedication of the employees of CarolinaEast to not only providing quality healthcare but also giving back to the community.

The Foundation Board of Directors will meet to decide which local non-profit organizations that share CarolinaEast Health System’s vision for health and wellness will receive grants from the monies raised. The remaining amount will be distributed to the community through the Foundation’s patient assistance program, which directly helps patients in our five-county service area. To learn more about the mission of the CarolinaEast Foundation, visit

About The CarolinaEast Foundation

The CarolinaEast Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote health in our region, support the healthcare community and assist individuals with healthcare needs.

By Jill Shumate Thompson, Executive Director, CarolinaEast Foundation